National Science Day Celebration, on 28 Feb 2020

National science Day was celebrated at Tapovan campus to remember our scientist Sir .C.V Raman. As a part of it a science exhibition was held under the topic " Ecosystem" Various exhibits depicting aquatic habitats and Terrestrial habitats were exhibited. There was models of forest region ,snow mountain along with the organisms adapted to the place. Pranesh of UKG smartly explained the biotic and abiotic factors of the enviroment. It felt nice to hear from the kids about the exhibit they had show cased. There was also active participation of parents for the event. Students of class I from MNV was taken to Tapovan to visit the exhibition and also as a part of field trip. Students enjoyed the nature walk in the campus and felt thrilled. The photos for the it is attached herewith. * Here I would like to remind the management about the formalities of upgrading of the campus as soon as possible atleast till grade 3. Even today few parents met me with the query of upgrading the campus since they are worried about their ward's admission to class 2.